Meet Sierra

Radical Birth Keeper

My passion for birth was sparked after witnessing my sister give birth to her first daughter three years ago.

I was enrolled at Colgate University with intentions of becoming a doctor at the time, so the obvious answer was to become an OBGYN. But in the years to follow, as I learned more about the physiology of birth and its powerful potential if left undisturbed, my plans shifted radically and I set out to support women who are taking their birth experiences into their own hands. 

As the youngest of five and an auntie to many, I know how precious family is. I was fortunate to grow up hearing my mother's positive, unmedicated birth stories, which instilled a deep reverence for birth in me.

Today, I work with powerful women who are ready to take responsibility for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys. Whether you are seeking support navigating your birth options, planning for a blissful postpartum, healing birth trauma, or learning about physiological birth, let me light the way!


Radical Birth Keeper School, Free Birth Society

B.A. in Environmental Biology, Colgate University

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