Claim your Right to Birth in Power.

Radical Birth Keeping & Coaching

with Sierra DeAngelo

Meet Sierra

As a radical birthkeeper, I work with intuitive women who are claiming their right to birth in power and self-authority. 


I view birth as a sacred rite of passage into motherhood rather than an isolated medical event.


I help women find clarity and confidence in their birth & postpartum dreams and support them in bringing these dreams to fruition.

Do you dream of an ecstatic birth in the comfort of your home?

Do you want a family-centered birth but don't know where to start?

Are you eager to unpack your fears with a wise sister?


...If so, I want to work with you!



Start your mothering journey with an

ecstatic birth & blissful postpartum.

Sierra was knowledgable, thoughtful, and gentle as she walked with me through pregnancy and beyond. Her natural attunement to detail and one's emotions made her an excellent ally during this sacred time. Above all, she offered guidance and insight that allowed me to follow my own inner knowing.


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